Young Hating the Pokies

fruit pokieThe youth of Australia have turned their back on our prized pokies, this is what recent reports are suggesting. Long ago, it was the pokies that really pushed the boundaries of fun times when we were out and about, but it seems the younger generation of casino and bar revellers don’t understand our favourite games.

With All the above in mind, the question is “What is making our young hating the pokies?” So lets answer the question!

What is making our young hating the pokies?

Well it seems that the online world is ruining their minds, turning them to mush. Actually this isn’t the case, they are simply moving into the online realms of casino game play rather than visiting the offline variants. The online market is really eating into the offline market and the young are the biggest reason for this.

Another big reason for this drop in pokie enjoyment by the youth of today seems to centre around the choice of themes that games have. It seems that if the game has a theme that the young can relate to such as a film or TV program. This can be seen through the recent releases from Aristocrat, big titles such as The Walking Dead have been delivered with verve and its all down to the pokie decline caused by the younger generation not wanting to participate in this wonderful pastime.

To combat the issue of pokie decline, another plan of action the pokie developers have undertaken is to offer prizes instead of money. You can now find many pokies that now give Apple products and Android offerings as the prizes of choice, all instead of a financial windfall. It seem our young like these options instead of hard money in their wallets. Will this trend continues? Only time will tell.